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When should I buy Christmas gifts?

“Yes,” cried Dejah Tho­ris, “come with us, Sola, you will be bet­ter off among the red men of Heli­um than you are here, and I can pro­mi­se you not only a home with us, but the love and affec­tion your natu­re cra­ves and which must always be denied you by the cus­toms of your own race. Come with us, Sola; we might go wit­hout you, but your fate would be ter­ri­ble if they thought you had con­ni­ved to aid us.

“The gre­at water­way which leads to Heli­um is but fif­ty miles to the south,” murm­u­red Sola, half to hers­elf; “a swift thoat might make it in three hours; and then to Heli­um it is five hundred miles, most of the way through thin­ly sett­led dis­tricts. They would know and they would fol­low us. We might hide among the gre­at trees for a time, but the chan­ces are small inde­ed for escape. They would fol­low us to the very gates of Heli­um, and they would take toll of life at every step; you do not know them.”

“Is the­re no other way we might reach Heli­um?” I asked. “Can you not draw me a rough map of the coun­try we must tra­ver­se, Dejah Thoris?”

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