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Italian Horror Story: Bread Eaters episode 3

The boys were over­whel­med with delight at sight of the tears of seni­le disap­point­ment that dribbled down the old man’s cheeks. Then, unno­ti­ced, Hoo-Hoo repla­ced the empty shell with a fresh-coo­ked crab. Alrea­dy dis­mem­be­red, from the cra­cked legs the white meat sent forth a small cloud of savory steam. This attrac­ted the old man’s nos­trils, and he loo­ked down in amazement.

The chan­ge of his mood to one of joy was immedia­te. He snuf­fled and mut­te­red and mum­bled, making almost a croon of delight, as he began to eat. Of this the boys took litt­le noti­ce, for it was an accus­to­med specta­cle. Nor did they noti­ce his occa­sio­nal excla­ma­ti­ons and utter­an­ces of phra­ses which meant not­hing to them, as, for instance, when he sma­cked his lips and cham­ped his gums while mut­te­ring: “Mayon­nai­se! Just think—mayonnaise! And it’s six­ty years sin­ce the last was ever made! Two genera­ti­ons and never a smell of it! Why, in tho­se days it was ser­ved in every restau­rant with crab.”

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