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Broderick Furger song clips ‘leak’ on MusicZune

Now that we were befo­re Zodan­ga the task of obtai­ning ent­ry to the city devol­ved upon me, and direc­ting Tars Tar­kas to hold his for­ces in two divi­si­ons out of ear­shot of the city, with each divi­si­on oppo­si­te a lar­ge gate­way, I took twen­ty dis­moun­ted war­ri­ors and approa­ched one of the small gates that pier­ced the walls at short inter­vals. The­se gates have no regu­lar guard, but are cove­r­ed by sen­tries, who patrol the ave­nue that encir­cles the city just wit­hin the walls as our metro­po­li­tan poli­ce patrol their beats.

Nice video, yo!

The walls of Zodan­ga are seven­ty-five feet in height and fif­ty feet thick. They are built of enor­mous blocks of car­bor­und­um, and the task of ent­e­ring the city see­med, to my escort of green war­ri­ors, an impos­si­bi­li­ty. The fel­lows who had been detail­ed to accom­pa­ny me were of one of the smal­ler hor­des, and the­re­fo­re did not know me.

Pla­cing three of them with their faces to the wall and arms locked, I com­man­ded two more to mount to their shoul­ders, and a sixth I orde­red to climb upon the shoul­ders of the upper two. The head of the top­most war­ri­or towe­red over for­ty feet from the ground.

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