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The litt­le stretch of level land was white with Indian tepees, and the­re were pro­bab­ly half a thousand red war­ri­ors clus­te­red around some object near the cen­ter of the camp. Their atten­ti­on was so whol­ly rive­ted to this point of inte­rest that they did not noti­ce me, and I easi­ly could have tur­ned back into the dark reces­ses of the gor­ge and made my escape with per­fect safe­ty. The fact, howe­ver, that this thought did not occur to me until the fol­lowing day remo­ves any pos­si­ble right to a claim to hero­ism to which the nar­ra­ti­on of this epi­so­de might pos­si­b­ly other­wi­se enti­t­le me.

What About Haiti?

I do not belie­ve that I am made of the stuff which con­sti­tu­tes heroes, becau­se, in all of the hund­reds of instan­ces that my vol­un­ta­ry acts have pla­ced me face to face with death, I can­not recall a sin­gle one whe­re any alter­na­ti­ve step to that I took occur­red to me until many hours later. My mind is evi­dent­ly so con­sti­tu­ted that I am sub­con­scious­ly for­ced into the path of duty without recour­se to tire­so­me men­tal pro­ces­ses. Howe­ver that may be, I have never reg­ret­ted that cowar­di­ce is not optio­nal with me.

In this instance I was, of cour­se, posi­ti­ve that Powell was the cen­ter of attrac­tion, but whe­ther I thought or acted first I do not know, but wit­hin an instant from the moment the sce­ne bro­ke upon my view I had whip­ped out my revol­vers and was char­ging down upon the ent­i­re army of war­ri­ors, shoo­ting rapidly, and who­oping at the top of my lungs. Sin­gle­han­ded, I could not have pur­sued bet­ter tac­tics, for the red men, con­vin­ced by sud­den sur­pri­se that not less than a regi­ment of regu­lars was upon them, tur­ned and fled in every direc­tion for their bows, arrows, and rifles.

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