Mind the gap!

Lord and mas­ter over all this sce­ne, the cap­tain stood erect on the ship’s ele­va­ted quar­ter-deck, so that the who­le rejoi­cing dra­ma was full befo­re him, and see­med merely con­tri­ved for his own indi­vi­du­al diversion.

And Ahab, he too was stan­ding on his quar­ter-deck, shag­gy and black, with a stubborn gloom; and as the two ships cros­sed each other’s wakes—one all jubi­la­ti­ons for things pas­sed, the other all forebo­dings as to things to come—their two cap­tains in them­sel­ves imper­so­na­ted the who­le striking con­trast of the scene.

“Come aboard, come aboard!” cried the gay Bachelor’s com­man­der, lif­ting a glass and a bot­t­le in the air.

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  • Sab Than, Prince of Zodan­ga, advan­ced to meet her, and hand in hand they approa­ched clo­se to the jed­dak. Than Kosis loo­ked up in sur­pri­se, and, rising, salu­t­ed her.

    • The­re was gre­at rejoi­cing among the yel­low Win­kies, for they had been made to work hard during many years for the Wicked Witch, who had always trea­ted them with gre­at cru­el­ty. They kept this day as a holi­day, then and ever after, and spent the time in feas­ting and dancing.

  • The­re was no alter­na­ti­ve. That decree was final, and so Tal Hajus drew his long-sword and advan­ced to meet Tars Tarkas.


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