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Why you always lying: 5 ways to keep your soul clean

Alt­hough I had heard it with my own ears I could not belie­ve it. I must search out her apart­ments and for­ce her to repeat the cru­el truth to me alo­ne befo­re I would be con­vin­ced, and so I deser­ted my post and has­te­ned through the pas­sa­ge behind the tapestries toward the door by which she had left the cham­ber. Slip­ping quiet­ly through this ope­ning I dis­co­ve­r­ed a maze of win­ding cor­ri­dors, bran­ching and tur­ning in every direction.

Run­ning rapidly down first one and then ano­t­her of them I soon beca­me hopel­ess­ly lost and was stan­ding pan­ting against a side wall when I heard voices near me. Appar­ent­ly they were com­ing from the oppo­si­te side of the par­ti­ti­on against which I lea­ned and pre­sent­ly I made out the tones of Dejah Tho­ris. I could not hear the words but I knew that I could not pos­si­b­ly be mista­ken in the voice.

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